Scrutiny Related Queries

Applicants who have successfully registered and paid fees are requested to keep track of their email address and mobile number to receive scrutiny related information.

In case you receive information to attend defects during scrutiny, please rectify the errors in the application at the earliest, preferably within 2 days.

  1. Application submitted and paid fee, my application showing under scrutiny, I am not sure whether application submission is successful.

    Application submitted successfully and it is under scrutiny, you will hear from us shortly.

  2. Application portal is not showing option to download submitted application form.

    Your application is under scrutiny, the download link will be available when the scrutiny process is over.

  3. I uploaded the photo found defective in scrutiny, it shows “your photo is most likely to be rejected“.

    This is a warning message. If you have a better photo then upload otherwise submit the current photo with warning.

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